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Current and Past Projects
A Selected List




PROJECT: 60th Anniversary history of Hong Kong-based Multinational Manufacturing Company 

SERVICES: Interviewing family and executives in Hong Kong, background research into Chinese history and context, writing the history


PROJECT: the first biography of mutual fund pioneer T. Rowe Price, published by Macmillan

SERVICES: structural and copy editing of the manuscript, arranging endnotes and bibliography


PROJECT: Corporate history of U.S.-based renewable energy company

SERVICES: Research, interviewing, editing, book production


PROJECT: An international corporate law firm website’s copy and legal directory submissions

SERVICES: Research, interviewing, editing, book production

m & b



PROJECT: A memoir of a Hollywood, TV and Broadway actor 

SERVICES: Structural and developmental editing of manuscript


PROJECT: A memoir of a leader in U.S. national disability rights

SERVICES: Research, interviewing, organizing of materials, photo research, writing manuscript, overseeing production/printing


PROJECT: A memoir of love and longing through salsa dancing 

SERVICES: Research, interviewing, editing


PROJECT: A biography of a Boston area restaurateur and patriarch 

SERVICES: Research, interviewing, editing, book production


PROJECT: A biography of a pioneer of post-war Indian cinema 

SERVICES: Developmental editing


PROJECT: A university athletics administrator’s memoir about a college sports scandal

SERVICES: Research, writing, editing


PROJECT: A memoir by a multiple TONY-nominated Broadway actor

SERVICES: Consulting on narrative structure and content




PROJECT: A young adult novel based on the life of the author’s uncle, who died while serving in Sicily during WWII

SERVICES: Rewriting, editing


PROJECT: A trade biography of a civil rights leader

SERVICES: Book proposal coaching and manuscript editing 


PROJECT: Audible podcasts: “Presidents Are People, Too”; “Damned Spot”; “Ponzi Supernova”; “Butterfly Effect.” 

SERVICES: Research & fact-checking

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